The roots of Kirsti Alho musicality reach far deeper than her studies
  in classical piano and voice in her native Finland.
  There has always been an inborn need for musical
  creativity in Kirsti, which expresses itself in her
  deeply personal interpretations and her inspired
  improvisations. After touring with international jazz
  musicians, Kirsti established herself in Germany where
  she has continued to broaden her repertoire from swing
  to modern jazz. Kirsti touches her audiences with
  soulful, mellow ballads; she excites them with new
  visions of old standards; her dynamic scatting shoots
  ripples of energy through the room. Kirsti`s voice
  moves. It glides. It soars. And then so does the
  listener. Kirsti has worked with many famous finnish
  jazz musicians and with such internationally artists as
  Archie Shepp, Horace Parlan, Siegfried Kessler, Horst
  Jankowski, Charly Antolini, Umo-Jazzorchestra and many
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